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Birdwatching in Morocco

Morocco is becoming one of the favourite destinations in the world for birders in search of endangered species. Every year millons of European migrants go to and pass through Morocco, mainly from late July to early November.

Early March to May Morocco is full of various birding hotspots and habitas. Several wetlands along the coast are famous for their migrant and wintering waders and gulls. the plains, forests, mountains and desert has many other species.

7 days birdwatching tour.

The best times to visit these sites are between September and April, when many winter visitors and migrants are present. visits during March will produce both migrating and wintering species with some local birds also breeding. summer is the least productive period. post breeding movements start in August but it is not until November that large numbers of birds are once again present at these areas.


After the pick up from the airport,and transfer to the hotel for check in, we will spend couple of hours birding arround. and our target birds are mainly: waders,gulls, and terns.then back to the hotel for some rest and get ready to the next day.
Overnight in Agadir.

"Black-crowned Tchagra"

After the breakfast, we will head to these places for a full day birding, and our target birds are:blue rock trush,bonelli's eagle,crag martin,black wheatear,tristam's warbler,barbary partridge,siskin,moroccan race crossbill,black redstart and plain swift. return to the hotel.
Overnight in Agadir

After the breakfat,we will go there for a full day birding and our target birds are: shag,petrels,shearwaters,gannets,western orphan warbler,bald,night heron,osprey,rufous bush robin,great spotted coockoo, and barbary,peregrine,lanner falcons. back to the hotel.
Overnight in Agadir.

"Moussier's Redstart"

Early morning we head to this spot, and our target birds are:bald ibis,black crowned tchagra,brown throated sand martin,moussier's redstart,glossy ibiss,marbled duck,little owl,ruddy shelduck,sardinian warbler, moroccan race cormorant. overnight in Massa for a chance to see the red necked nightjar at night.

"Cream-coloured Courser"

Day 5 and 6: GOULMIME AREA
In this area is a good spot for the desert birds mainly larks and wheatears,the target birds are:scrub warbler,fulvous babbler,cream coloured courser,black billed sandgrouse,desert warbler and desrt,red rumped wheatears, and temminck's, thick billed thekla,hoopoe,desert,bar tailed larks,trumpeter finch and sone curlew.
Overnight in Goulmime.

"Bald Ibis"

Day 7.
If time allows, some more birding, if not, tranfer to the airport for your flight back.

The price of the tour:
2 PAX double room is: 1400 euros
per person
4 PAX double room is : 1000 euros
per person
Deposit : 400 euros per peson
Single supplement is 100 euros
Minimum nuber of persons is: 1
Maximum number of persons are: 4

Included: ground transport,accomodation, all meals,mineral water, entrance fees, guide fees and pick up and drop off at the airport.

Excluded: flight tickets,entry visas,alcoholic drinks,insurance and items for personal needs.

Equipment: a pair of bins, telescope if you have one, a pair of walking boots (sneakers), water proof jacket, a sweater and a rucksack (backsack)

Due to currency fluctuations and fuel cost we reserve the right to adjust any pricing prior to departure.
Convert your tour cost into your currency of choice.

Expect about 200 species during the 7 days tour.
All the date of itineraries include arrival and departure dates.
All trips are available year round, but prices may be adjusted around special holidays.
Minimum lead time six (6)weeks.
To check availability for tours on short notice, fill out “Request for Quote” form with desirable dates.

We sometimes have to walk for long distance, along the river(wadis), inside the parks and on the sea cliffs.

Should you only need a guide for a day please send a message to Mohamed.   


Mohamed Bargache, your local Birdingpal guide
Birding guide

- I have five years experience leading birdwatching tours in Morocco.

- I trained within the Administration of Souss Massa National Park.

- I am a Member of the Associaton of Local Giudes of Souss Massa National Park.

- I trained in the basic skills of birds ringing with the Spanish crew of Birding Canarias.

- I speak English and French.


I have known Mohamed for 12 months and he is an experienced, professional bird watching guide that was trained by SERO/Birdlife International in 2008. Mohamed has also recently qualified as a professional bird ringer.

He is fluent in English, French and Arabic and has an amazing knowledge of the birdlife of Southern Morocco. Mohamed lives and works in the Souss-Massa National Park, and is a member of the Oeud des Accompagnateurs des Visiteurs du PNSM.

Mohamed has an endless enthusiasm for birds and a passion to share his knowledge with as many people as possible.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Mohamed as a guide for a bird watching trip in Morocco.

kind regards

Richard Hanman UK

On the 23rd of September of 2008, we had the pleasure of being escorted into the Souss Massa National Park by our personal guide Mohamed Bargache. Not only was we impressed by his English skills, but also his birdwatching skills. Identifying all the different species in the Park and explaining the main characteristics and distinctions between them.

We can only recommend visiting the Souss Massa National Park if you hire the professional services of Mr. bargache, to truly discover the secrets of its natural beauty.

All the best
Christian Kaufmann,Switzerland

Vous avez bien voulu le mercredi 16 Avril 2008, nous accompagner et moi pour une visite de la réserve de Souss Massa. Nous tenions personnellement a vous exprimer notre gratitude pour la qualité de vos explications tant au niveau ornithologique qu'environomental,grace a votre experience et connaissance du terrain nous avons pu observer plusieurs espèces d'oiseaux; qui sans vous nous seraient passés inaperçus. Nous tenons aussi à souligner votre amabilité et gentillesse tout au long du parcours et votre empressement à répondre à nos questions sur la vie de votre village, l'environement ecologique. Nous sommes coutimiers de visites du parc, en France mais aussi en Espagne, l'Italie, nous pouvons vous certifier que vous vallez bien beaucoup de guides professionels. Nous ne manquerons pas de donner vos coordonneés à nos amies et connaissances venant à votre région et désirant visiter la réserve.

Bonne chance et amicales salutations et merci.
Serge et Rejane Vayr, France

I am a retired biology teacher from a university in Texas, U.S.A. I traveled to Agadir for three days in May, 2011, during which time I was guided by Mohamed Bargache for birds and general sightseeing. Mohamed is an excellent bird guide, very knowledgeable with recognizing birds and where to find almost all species, particularly those most desired by foreign birdwatchers. He is a friendly person and easy to travel with. I am so happy to recommend him as a guide. Charles Dean Fisher, USA

We met Mohamed at the visitor centre of the parc and decided to spend two hours looking at the birds which were currently in residence. We went by car down to the parc and the river. We saw lots of small birds which visit Britain in the summer - warblers - reed and willow, as well as stonechats, corn buntings and Moussier's redstarts. As we got to the river Mohamed pointed out the ducks, pochard, coot and marbled duck. Suddenly we saw cormorant flying. They have a much whiter breast than in Britain. Everywhere there were brown throated martins and some flycatchers. On an island in the river there were cormorant and herons as well as egrets and also some turtles.

As we moved off to another site in a village we saw Moroccan wagtails and bulbuls. In the village we were really lucky to see about 20 bald ibis scavenging in the rubbish. We had very interesting conversations with Mohamed about the wild life, the vegetation and everyday life in Morocco. He was a very good and interesting guide who spoke excellent English and French.

Mohamed, nous avons passe un temps tres informatif avec vous que nous n'oublierons pas. Je vous joins quelques photos, malheureusement pas tres bonnes. Je vous souhaite une tres bonne annee et une bonne continuation de votre collaboration avec l'ornothologiste britainnique.

Jenny et Allan, England

Some facts about Morocco.

"The Kingdom of Morocco" is located in the north of Africa and it's capital is Rabat. It has a population of more than 32 million and an area of 710,850 Km² and also a primarily administers of the disputed region of Western Sahara.
It's part of the Maghreb region, in addition to Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya and shares cultural, historical and linguistic ties.
Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. The King of Morocco holds vast executive powers, including the possibility of dissolving the parliament. Executive power is exercised by the government, but more importantly by the king himself. Legislative power is vested in the both the government and the two chambers of parliament, the assembly of Representatives and the assembly of Councilors. The King can also issue decrees called "Dahirs" which have the force of law. Most Moroccans speak at least one of the two languages "Berber & Moroccan Arabic" as a mother tongue. Both languages have regional dialects and accents. Most Moroccans practice Sunni Islam.

wild boar,barbary ground squirrel,mongoose,red fox,wild cat,algerian hedgehog, oryx, addax and dorcas gazelle.

berber skink,montepellier snake,oliver's small lizard,green toad,moorish gecko,common chameleon,desert monitor,grass snakeand spur thighed totoise.

blue veined darter,common darter,blue empror,iberian bluetail,epaulet skimmer,violet dropping,orange winged dropping.

large white,small white,bath white,greenish blacktip,cleopatra,small copper,long tailed blue,african grass blue,painted lady,speckled wood and lang's short tailed blue.

ononis natrix,tragnum moquini,joncus actus,euphorbia beaumierana,euphorbia echinus,scenecio anthophorbium,thyfa angustifolia,bobinum imbricatum,sarconnia fruticosa and luanea arborescens.

More facts about Morocco.

Guide books and CD’s recommended:

A BIRDWATCHER'S GUIDE TO MOROCCO by Patrick and Fedora Bergier

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Bird Recordings from Morocco

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